Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Warning Pun minefield ahead!

I thought I was quacking up. I had this bee in my bonnet and went on a hunt for beeping Easter eggs. I want Acer's first Easter to be a good one, with all the traditions observed. I googled and read and googled and read, and tried many a trail here and there; but I couldn't find instructions or a place to find any of these never seen items, they were obviously well hidden. I had others searching with me, but their baskets were empty too. So, finally I hopped onto a site that had the advice to contact your local bomb squad. Bomb Squad you say, yes, yes indeed. It took three different phone calls to locate our squad, in a state police lab not too far from our house actually, but they called back today. I guess they like the ideas of helping a three year old and putting their skills to a positive use. Now,we should have eggs for the little man; he'll be able to hunt with the best of them.

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Beverly said...

Oh that is wonderful. That is also very cool!!