Sunday, January 27, 2008

Acer reaches new heights

Acer has finally broken the three foot barrier, he is now 36.5 Inches and 33 pounds to be exact! Yeah Us! We must be fertilizing and watering him properly to get such good growth.
He's not in diapers, and he's so muscular he's still in 24 month and 2T clothing, but he did finally outgrow his first item of clothing not too long ago. I was excited to be finally able to hand something down to someone else.


Sharon said...

You are so cute about fert and wat him! I laughed.

Sharon said...

One more thing...What is his favorite food?

See if you or your husband can dismantle that word verification step in leaving a comment? Do I have this on mine?? I tryed to take it off and I think i did but not sure/

Beverly said...

He is already as tall as or taller than Glenys.