Thursday, January 10, 2008

Disappointed Little Man

Yesterday after school, Acer and I headed off to our local thrift store to do what the bear did, see what we could see. We hit a bonanza because everything was at least half off. At this price I decided to buy Acer stuff he really didn't need, but would fit better than the too big stuff he has right now. He wears a belt with all his pants because they fall down. So $13.25 later,I have 3 pair of cords that shouldn't need a belt (one does anyway, bummer but at least it's not too long) two brand new shirts and one pair of almost new sneakers and on pair of brand spanking new work boots (so tiny, so cute) and a little tiny pair of flannel pj style lounge pants. Yeah us.
Acer was so good, he really is in stores, and so I decided to stop at the little sub shop next door to the re-sale shop for something for lunch. At the store he charmed one of the owners so much that the guy gave Acer 4 packets of sour candy. They were like koolaid packets and Acer happily played with it all the way home He was so happy and proud to have his own candy, he rarely gets any. He patiently waited until after his nap before I opened it.
Then Disappointment Struck!
He Didn't Like it!
I felt so bad for him, such highs, such patience, and such a horrible expression on his face.


tiffany said...

Ah poor little man! I hope you had something better to console him with. :)

I used to be able to get some real deals at thrift shops but we dont live near any now and I never feel like I have time to drive over to them AND do the HUNTING it requires. I miss those deals though.

Sharon said...

and one time they talked me into sour skiddles at the theater and I had to sit through a whole movie trying to like them but finally gave up and went hungry. Acer might like them later in life. Post a picture of the cute little work boots!!
PS You already put a bug in my ear about getting in shape to pick up a 2 yr old and now I have to carry around water bottles!!?!?!?!?!nowayJose

Sharon said...

I had to come back on and tell you how much your last post cracked me up! Adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!