Saturday, January 05, 2008

Return To Normalcy

Well, the house has emptied out and Acer is slowly adjusting to a normal bedtime and schedule. He still thinks that every day we should open a present and that there are cookies or treats hiding around every corner. He'll get used to it again, the everyday, boring normal life that is. He no longer has 4 Big People at his beck and call, no Brandon to play blocks with or Alex to play giant legos with, just regular old Mama & Baba. Oh well.
I think he's coming down with a minor cold, there are three or four coughing episodes a day and some fairly green mucus slowly leaking out his nose. He doesn't seem to have any other symptoms, no fever or sore throat as far as we can tell. So we ease his cough roughened throat with honey when he seems to need it and watch. We've been lucky so far that he really hasn't had any major illnesses since we've been a family.
He was supposed to start back at school on Wednesday, but he had a snow day. That was fine for me, I think school the day after New Year's day, after being off for 2 weeks would have been really tough. This gives me 5 extra days to get him used to regular life again.
Today is our first weekend together as a family, with all of us home. I've had to work every weekend so this is different for us. Bill will have to work 2 weekend days a month now at his new job and I'll go back to work in April, but for now we're enjoying our weekend.

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