Thursday, January 03, 2008

Invitation for those with slightly older adopted kids or SN kids

Acer's school lent me a book entitled "Everyday Exposure to Experiences for Enjoyment" by Nancy Smith from the American printing house for the blind.
I think this is a great tool for Acer (and other kids) because it not only breaks up the learning into small chunks, but it's learning about things we might take for granted because we grew up sighted or in this culture.
I'm transcribing it onto a new blog at and welcome others to join me, basically because I do better at stuff if someone else is doing it with me.
There is an activity for every day and some alternate activities to swap out for ones you can't do. I've changed the format it was written in slightly because it started out on a day instead of a date and the date idea is easier for my brain to follow. It's also not entirely in yet, I've just gotten January and half of Feb. in so far.
Please join Acer and myself as we travel through the book this year.

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