Thursday, January 24, 2008

How do YOU go down the stairs?

I bet going down the stairs is a lot less exciting for you than for Acer. Acer loves stairs and has devised many ways to go down. Not much of that boring hold on to the rail one foot at a time stuff for him. I'll detail the ways I've seen because it happens too quickly for me to get the camera (I'm trying really hard to get some of these but am unsuccessful so far)
1) standard way, everyone else does, one foot at a time.
2) fall down (he does not recommend this, it's scary according to both of us).
3) back down not holding on to the railing.
4) bump down on his butte
5) surf down feet first on his belly (or back)
6) surf down head first on his belly (or back)
Now I know what you're thinking, those are all normal, well the next three are where he shows advanced stairs skills.
7) Hold on to rail. Slowly slide toes over edge of step, thud down to next stair.
8) Hold on to rail. Pick up body by holding on to rail, almost a chin up, swing down to the next stair.
9) Hold to the rail, put toes on the little piece of molding that runs along the side of the stairs. Climb down the stairs facing the wall. Audition for Spiderman.

That's our Acer always trying out new things to make his everyday life, and ours, more interesting. How did we live before we knew all these ways just to get from one floor to the other?


The Princess's Mommy said...

Lily Mei highly recommends the 'thud' method while saying "jump one, jump two, jump one...." (We can only count to two!!)

Beverly said...

I always enjoyed the step bump method too.