Monday, September 25, 2006


Boy, if nothing else, this paperwork gathering and all the events around the paperwork really show me that I need to be more exact about every stage of this process.
I thought the lady in charge of the waiting children knew that we were REALLY REALLY interested in Chao. I guess not. Whilst we were in Toronto, Thursday the 14th, for our Anniversary celebration, she called my cell and left a message. I didn't get the message until Tuesday the 19th. She was asking if we were still interested in Chao as the Beijing office wanted to know what to do with the paperwork. On the 18th I emailed her asking if she knew how long it would take to get the bloodwork back. So she emailed back and asked if we were interested.
After sending a resounding YES, we learned that his paperwork had already gone back to Beijing before we had expressed an interest in him. So she's getting the paperwork back from the Beijing office, and we've actually gotten color pictures and an updated personality profile.
His foster family calls him Guang Guang (Bright Bright) and he can see somewhat, but isn't the greatest at walking because of his vision. There was also a statement that an adult usually accompanies him while he walks because he likes to throw things!

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