Friday, September 01, 2006


Wow, I was pretty shocked today when I went to our agency's waiting child webpage. I usually go there at least once a day anyway, but have been going more frequently since we got our packet on Chao. It seems that we expressed an interest just in time because all the children, there were about 8, who were not either placed or under review are GONE. I'd forgotten that the agency just had these photos for 3 months to try to place the special needs kids before they went somewhere else, maybe another agency. We just asked for his paperwork on Monday, we could have missed him.
I wonder when the blood results are going to get here and when the hard copies of the black and white photos are coming in the mail. I'm feeling pretty solidly happy about this being our little guy, but there's the nagging thought about the blood work. I'm just not sure if I can go into knowing there are two major problems ahead of us, not just one. Oh well, can only keep praying.

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