Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The process, the next step

After we received word that CHI had accepted our application, I had to find a local Michigan agency to do our local homestudy. Again I asked my customer and went with her agency Child and Parent Services. We had 4 sessions, one of which was the initial phone call, when our social worker called to set up our first meeting and asked a few questions on the phone.
We then had 2 meetings in her office and one meeting at the house. The meeting at the house was the most stressful. Even though we had been told that they really don't look for dust and stuff, I spazzed the day before and asked my friend Becky to come over and dust while we cleaned. She being a good friend came over and spent the morning dusting for us, I forget what we fed her for lunch, but it was a bargain for the amount of piece of mind it gave me.
So then we got our homestudy, it was okay, but there were odd mistakes,I don't know if she took bad notes or what. We got the big stuff corrected, and hope the little stuff doesn't trip us up.
Okay so they tripped us up with the immigration paperwork already, and had to file an amendment, but I mean trip us up again

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