Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The process, back to the beginning

After we had decided to adopt from China, we had to pick out an agency to go through. There are so many out there, I spent hours looking through websites. I was attracted to Children's hope International because it was based in St Louis, where I had spent 4 wonderful years, Christian and Big. They do 10-20% of the Chinese children adoptions for the whole country in a year. They do more Chinese adoptions in a year than many agencies have done total. So then I asked one of my regular customers at work what agency she went through to adopt her lovely daughter Mia. She said she went through CHI and that she felt the most important part was how well the agency took care of you while you were in China. CHI has actual staff, not just agents, who work in China for them. They should be able to take care of us just fine over there. I have had mixed results with communicating with them over here, some people are very good and some seem to ignore my emails. Oh well.

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