Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Filling out one piece of paperwork again, again, and yet again.

This world of confusing paperwork.
First we fill out financial forms with the instructions that they have to match the information in the dossier and send them in. This actually involved re-type setting the form off the web page as that form wouldn't print properly.
Then the queen of dossier paperwork says we didn't fill it out correctly. So we have to get a copy faxed to us, it comes out crooked and blurry, we fill it out, scan it in, and think we're set.
Nope, the paperwork queen then emails us specific instructions and re-faxes us a hopefully clearer copy. We have to put soomething either a NA or a '0' in each and every line NO blanks allowed.
I know it could be worse, it's just annoying because I had conversations with people about this form before we sent it in the first time.

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