Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The process, the paperwork hunt

Paperwork accumulation is the key to this process. And not just any paperwork will do, a regular birth certificate isn't good enough, it has to be one from the state. I didn't even know there were state birth certificates. Medical forms, financial forms, references there was a whole list of paperwork to be accumulated. I think the paperwork pile ended up an inch thick!
After it was accumulated, it had to be notarized. After it was notarized, it had to be taken to the special Secretary of State office for 'The Great Seal'. After the Secretary of State gave it 'The Great Seal' it had to be sent to the Chinese consulate to be Authenticated. After it was authenticated it was sent to our agency to be sent to China.
So we get the paperwork, the the notary says that, yes indeed we did sign it, the State says the notary's seal was okay, the Consulate says the state's seal was okay and hopefully the people over in China will say that everything written and accumulated is okay and we'll be able to come home with a child.
We've divvied up responsibilities on this, I find the paperwork, make sure it's complete and write a dummy copy, then Bill re-writes it legibly. Bill is also in charge of receiving faxes, copying and mailing stuff out. Partnership at its finest.

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