Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Throughout this whole process, people I know, family, friends and even customers have been extremely, incredibly, supportive. Some have wondered why we didn't go domestic, or why China in particular, but all have been supportive.
My mum and brother are there for me, whatever I do, and always have been, but Bill's family is newer to me. I wasn't quite sure how they would all react, I don't have all their dynamics pinpointed yet. They've been wonderful too, even the Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. My sister in law Kerry and I have had innumerable conversations about the whole process, always positive, even when we switched from the idea of bringing in a Calliandra to bringing in Acer. Kerry likes the idea of having another girl in amongst the children, but is happy with the thought of Acer too. I've promised her that when (if) we go back for Calliandra, she can accompany me to China.
I don't know how far along we would have gotten if I didn't have the encouragement of people asking me, 'How's the adoption coming'. Nothing spurs you on like daily inquiries, you feel stupid saying, 'oh nothing yet' after a while.
Just about everybody I know has some connection to adoption, a neighbor, a friend, a sister. It should be more common though, it should be everybody has a relative or friend. There are just so many little ones in need.

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