Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Busy Tuesday, more help from our neighbor

We took our normal morning Follow Mama walk,

I met another neighbor from three houses down across the street who has a larger family I think 4 or five children, but am not sure because I haven't seen them all together at one time. Not sure why I didn't ask, except it was morning and I'm never at my sharpest. Continuing down the road we met the gentleman we'd spoken to before. He flagged us down, not that we were moving quickly, and dashed into the house to come back out with some brochures, books and a toy/device to help learn Braille. He'd spoken to his wife & she directed him to the places she'd stored stuff from their days of being active in the National Federation for the Blind. I've been reading and practicing with the toy, So far I'm only up to 'd' but I'm hoping to gain proficiency in time to help Acer in school.
Vicki came over to watch Acer while I wrote my monthly article for MI gardener and finished my assignment for the class I'm taking through Hadley School for the Blind. I was grateful for the Hour and a half of her time, knowing the little man is staying out of trouble frees up my mind to compose logical sentences with correct grammar.
After Acer's nap we went to the Social Security Office, I didn't realize that they closed at 4. We'd lollygagged a little because I was going to leave right from there to go to work & didn't want Acer to have too long of a stretch of time where he couldn't let loose & have fun. I thought I'd just drop something off & sign something else, but it took longer and was more complicated than that, isn't that just the story of paperwork though? The gentleman behind the counter was very patient and thorough, even having me re-sign something on a clearer copy so that they could fax it. He also set up a phone call interview on Monday, I thought I'd have to go into the office for that, but I guess not. After we were done it was off to work!

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