Friday, September 21, 2007

Doctor, I've been Shot!

Oh, no, that should be Dr, why are you giving me shots. Acer had three of them yesterday, and although I'd prepared him as best I could beforehand by telling him he was going to the Dr's, he was going to get shots and that it would hurt (but only for a little while) He was really pretty good. It only took two of us, instead of the four it took last time, to hold him still. He immediately tore off the bandaids but at least he's caught up for a little while. I guess we go back in Nov. for some more. by then he should have even more words and will be better able to understand.

I did put him on the scale there & he's holding steady at thirty one and a half pounds. He's a healthy weight, but he's only gained a pound since we became a family. I guess I keep expecting a growth spurt or something. I guess this really means he was well taken care of, if I couldn't figure that out before this just confirms it. They fed him well and really kept him developmentally on track, which can be hard to do with a blind child. I'm thankful.

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