Monday, September 03, 2007

Long Weekend

Saturday 9/1 was a gorgeous day and we were very busy at work. Fall is the best time to plant, and we're running sales so people were taking cart loads of plants home. Bill and Acer stayed home and did various Dad & son activities. Since I worked in the morning I was home by six and we had a good family evening at home.

Sunday 9/2 Bill and Acer headed off to church and I to work. Acer has started commenting on the sermons, during the sermons, causing minor embarassment to Bill and giving chuckles to those around. This week they met me for lunch, but Wendy's goofed and Acer got neither his toddler toy nor his orange slices. Bill had to make a stop at the grocery store on the way home to procure orange slices for the little man since he sounded so bereft during lunch. We didn't game Sunday night, so we had a record three family nights in a row together.

Monday 9/3 Labor Day. We headed over to Bill's parents for yet another wonderfully tasty get together. Mum & James were invited so we went in two cars, split by sex. Mum & I showed up first & then The guyfolk arrived soon after. Acer enjoyed the food, and his two older boy cousins, Oliver 4 1/2 and Logan 5 1/2 were both trying really hard to be good with Acer. It was endearing to see. Both boys have grown physically over the summer, it was good to see them growing emotionally too. Acer enjoyed swimming in the pool, I don't think he's been in a pool with so much splashing going on as there were 5 grandchildren and three grownups in the pool at different times.

Even not yet a year old Christian was enjoying himself splashing around as Grandpa held him. Bill wasn't feeling the best, so he was a bit subdued and didn't even get in the pool. I had been hoping that either David or Joe, Bill's brothers who play the drums, would be able to play the cymbal for Acer. One of Acer's current favorite phrases is " Cymbals, wshhh" which is his approximation of the cymbal noise. Unfortunately there were no cymbals at the house. so Acer did not get to experience them in real life.

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