Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Evenings with the little man

Most evenings are Bill's territory, With tag team parenting, I'm currently working a lot of evenings and Bill feeds Acer and puts him to bed. There is however, one special time each night I call my own. It's the time whe I watch my big burly husband carefully pick up the tiny boy, make shusshing sweet nothings at him to ease him and then set a still asleep Acer on the potty. Acer barely stays straight & Bill takes such care to quitely & efficiently pull down the PJs and make sure everything's okay. He take such care and shows such tenderness and love to a tiny boy who's not even awake enough to grab on to Bill & stabilize himself. Acer is just a totally zonked out sleepy limp little bundle. I must admit that it just makes my heart melt.

I wish you could see it, it's just way too dern cute, but I'm just way too cautious to try to take a picture and wake Acer.

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