Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A lot of chatter to cover the real activity

So I guess Acer learned from his earlier run with the toilet paper. This time he managed to get into trouble while talking all the time. He usually self narrates, tells you what he's doing, but not this time. After lying on the bed wiggling talking, singing, kicking, all the normal fun stuff to stop himself from going to sleep; Acer managed to find the tube of lotion I'd used to rub on him at the begining of naptime. Mum had come over at 2, to watch him while I worked on my latest school assignment. Acer had been resisting sleep for about an hour at that point, so I settled Mum into the lower level with a good book & I went back upstairs to wait out the little man. I went in to check on him again about 2:45 and he had squeezed out the lotion all over himself. It was on his face, dripping down his neck, on his body. just as I got there he was inserting the tip of the tube into his mouth and getting ready to squeeze. Forestalling lotion in mouth movement, I called Mum to see what her youngest grandchild was up to and went to get my camera phone. I then spent many minutes rubbing the huge excess of lotion into the small man. If his skin wasn't smooth before....

Again, I'll post the picture soon.

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