Friday, September 21, 2007

I'm so excited

Bill has put our travel group gallery up and 3 other people have put their pictures in. This is cool because frequently we would be in a shot of theirs or they might have a different angle on something that I like better than ours. So, I've been pulling off pictures, from two different albums, & putting them in a folder on my desktop. Today I moved them to iPhoto (yes I am a Mac person, we have a mixed marriage). When I put them in a folder with existing pictures, I was able to simply arrange them by time. Now they all mesh and I have an incredibly complete picture of this portion of the trip. Yeah!

Bill knows I like to organize things, may not keep them that way but I like to organize, and the fact that our photos were not in chronological order bothered me. Hence my excitement at being able to select a function and have them all nice, Neat & in order, just how I think it should be.

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