Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Putting your trust in the Lord

We truly believe that God led us to Acer and that he was meant to be our child. However, because we found him on the waiting child list, it moved up our time table by more than a year from what it would have been if we'd gone through the matching process. I'd planned on working full time for another year. Not a huge issue, just put our finances in a little bit tighter than we'd like; enough that I had put off buying new, and expensive, shoes for work and was trying to figure out boots for Acer for winter.
So instead of worrying and fretting, I spent more time praying and trusting. Bill and I are trying to be better stewards of the many blessings, including each other, that God has given us. So what does God do, he put my shoes on sale and the last day of the sale, Bill gets paid for helping a friend with their computer and it was just enough to cover the shoes. So yesterday BIll and I went on a quest for an belt for Acer, figuring it was cheaper to buy the belt than replace many of his pairs of pants. We also looked at boots and bought a shirt on 80% clearance. It was money we spent very carefully, debating needs over wants and how much use it things would be. Today in the mail, we got a card from Mum's cousin with just enough money in it to cover the cost of the belt, shirt and new boots for winter!
Trust in the Lord with all your might!

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