Wednesday, September 26, 2007

First Day of School!

And what a day it was. Bill took off a half day from work to be there and since it's Grandparents week at the school, Mum stopped in too. Bill's Boss, Matt, gave us an official first day of school sign to hold for the pictures we took, he's always done it for his two boys and it seems like a good tradition to follow. Thanks Matt!.

We started with time with the Occupational Therapist, Miss Diane. In her classroom, Acer played in a ball pit, bounced on a GIANT ball, played with a few toys and, to his great dismay, learned that there are rules in school. His first rule, which we had to enforce later, was that if you go up the stairs to the slide, you have to slide down the slide. Acer just wanted to play on the stairs, not make the whole trip. He has to learn this for school because there may be other children behind him wanting to come down. It makes sense to us, but when he went up the stairs to a slide in a different room, he didn't like the enforcing of this rule. Major meltdown.
We went from Miss Diane's room to Miss Cathy's room, she'll be working on different aspects that Miss Diane won't and she's also the visually impaired students' teacher. She gave me some good literature that I'll be reading as soon as I can. We also signed paperwork requesting an orientation and mobility specialist, someone to teach him canework. PTL! I can't wait, it will be great because he won't have such a bruised forehead that I worry people will think I'm beating him!
Well, had to post quickly, need to head off to work. Bill will add pix later

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff you two, keep up the great work!!!

Matt N