Monday, September 24, 2007

Our First Date!

Okay, so we're married, we've obviously had more than one date. This was our first just the two of us event since 5/13/2007, which was when Acer was placed in our arms. We've had James or Mum watch him while one was at work and he other had to be somewhere, a whopping two times total, but other than that Acer has always been with one of us.

We had a lovely day at our friends', Curtis and Teresa, wedding. It was at a beautiful old banquet hall in a lovely park on a perfect weather day. The bride was especially beautiful, she's beautiful to begin with, and the groom was handsome and looked appropriately stunned/in love as Teresa walked down the aisle. Curtis has family and friends who've adopted, so I asked him if he'd started his dossier yet ( instead of the standard when are you going to start a family). He also has a good friend in his best man whose son had the best small asian boy hair we've seen. I buttonholed him to ask what the product they used was called and believe I bought the right stuff today. Thanks for the tip, here's hoping that after years of not ever having to do much with my hair I'll be able to do something decent with Acer's.

Six and a half hours after we left, we were back home and James was free to escape off to church for the evening service. Acer didn't even do the happy boy dance when we came home so I guess it was no big deal for him to be left with Uncle James. Of course Uncle James, Bill and Acer spend several evenings a week together to go grocery shopping for both houses.

Acer has started calling my Mommy sometimes, it's more English, but it's a bit of a shocker because somehow it feels like it's part of his growing up. He's also started calling me Acer's Mama, that makes me feel good, his staking a claim on me so to speak.

The dogs are both getting better, but Lobelia shaved off sections of both front paws, so she's still moving very slowly. Rugby's mainly back to normal except he seems to be having loud dreams more frequently than before. Today he woke Lobelia up with his closed mouth howl while he slept. She just lifted up her head up and looked at me like "what the heck is he doing?"

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Sharon Flath said...

Good for you! That is sooo important!