Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Things don't really change

I was just checking last year's blog entries for September, and re-read a bit about how adults usually hold Acer's hand when he walks because he likes to throw things. Well, we don't hold his hand too much when he walks (except for parking lots and streets of course) because he likes to follow us and run & explore as we go, but what hasn't changed is his love of throwing things. Not only does he still love to throw things, but if he can throw them down the stairs, that's just and added bonus of joy!
Now, thinking way towards the future, what kind of job would let him throw things like this? They say you're happiest in your job when you're doing a job related to something you liked to do between ages 3-5. I'm very happy in my job as a horticulturist and I used to love to be outside with flowers. Thankfully, he's not yet three, so maybe another favorite pasttime will present itself.

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