Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Acer & School, Week 6

Mon Oct 6, Acer had fun playing in the water:... (note, he came home in his spare shirt; he was so wet)

Tu Oct 7, Devon was working on his spelling and Acer was doing a little bit of everything.

Wed Oct 8, you should have seen Acer today; he was soooooo funny!  Mrs A. had the mat out and he was having a blast!

Th Oct 9 (they made applesauce, nothing specific about Acer but thought I'd let you know)

Fri Oct 10, Acer did the pledge almost all by himself, Wow!!

Acer certainly is a joy!! He's like a little sponge just soaking up everything he can.  He's sorting shapes & finding pennies in therapy putty - and he's so proud of himself when he accomplishes something.  That smile could melt an iceberg!

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The Princess's Mommy said...

OH I love all the school updates! Sounds like he is doing great! Acer, you are the man!!!