Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Notes from Acer's O & M teacher Mrs H

Acer gets formal O & M (Orientation and Mobility, or cane work lessons) twice a week.  Here is the first note we received from Mrs H.
Hi B-T Family!
I so enjoyed learning to know Acer this week - he is a marvelous "hoot"!  We went for a walk in the school and a bit outdoors for our mobility lesson on Monday and began exploring the different ground surfaces his cane found : Floor Tile, Carpet, Bumpy mat (at the front doors), wooden floor (gym), sidewalk, metal plate,  Plastic garbage cans (he found these in the gym/lunchroom).  Acer would squat down to touch each of the surfaces with his hand.

In the gym, we went up the steps to the stage, found the long curtain and then walked across the stage to the steps where Acer showed me a 'unique' style  of using his cane when both ascending & descending the steps! :)  We'll work on that - he was very confident & reacted to his cane's signal at the steps.  technique will come.  Acer found that there is a fan in the kitchen - he heard it in the hallway.

Acer has his own 'cane cup' in one corner of the room, and he comes in the room and heads to that corner to park his cane!

Great beginnings! He is an excited learner!
Will be in touch - 
Mrs H. 

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