Tuesday, October 14, 2008


My Blogroll disappeared today off my sidebar.  Has anyone seen it?  Is it in the pound?  Do I fill out a police report?  Please help! If you'd like to be added to my sidebar, please drop me a line with your URL, in the comments.
Thanks Loads
Heather BT
Yes, it's back now, because I made a new one, but I'm still down a whole bunch of blogs - is yours one?


Golden To Silver Val said...

Your sidebar looks all intact from my end, kid.

Pidgeroo said...

It's back now, maybe it was just sulking?

Tina said...

I'm a follower now, yea!
No pictures- bummer.
That's awesome that Acer said the pledge, and I think it's great that you are keeping all these notes. So precious!
ps: I love applesauce :)

Sharon said...

You are so funny!! The pound! I had all my commetns disapear once.

What are taylors! I brought up your no slide thought to Britt. Now I have to spend more money!! haha

Thanks for all your supportive comments Heather, I just love them!!
give acer a kiss for me!!

Denise C said...

OH I am so sorry it disappeared...blogger can be so unpredictable at times!!! The pound is a great place to look first!!! hee-hee!
I am glad to know there is another Mountain Dew addict out there! *wink*!
Have a blessed day with your precious little Acer!!!