Friday, October 10, 2008

Did someone switch Acer for a look alike?

I think the faeries left us a changeling.  

This Acer gets contentedly off the school bus, instead of fussing.

This Acer gets out of bed happily and comes to snuggle with us, instead of burrowing deeper into the covers.

This Acer got himself undressed and into bed for nap today, instead of wailing and fussing.

This Acer went potty and didn't ask for extra help, instead of asking for help and playing with the toilet paper until it arrives.

There are other examples too, but maybe, it's just that he's getting used to and liking his routine now.  He did throw the pot he was banging on, down the stairs after all, that's definitely my boy!


Megan, Ava's mom said...

Great job, Acer! He is getting used to a lot of new things - such a big boy!

Beverly said...

that is great. maybe he got plenty of rest this weekend?