Thursday, October 23, 2008

Acer, School Week 7

Mon Oct 13, Acer said the whole pledge by himself today, isn't that terrific?!

Tu Oct 14, Devon, Julia, and Acer had a lot of fun with Mrs C., but she still made them work.

Wed Oct 15, Acer did a great job with his work today.

Th Oct 16, ... Acer was his usual cute self...

Teacher's note from Mrs A. I had "Acer withdrawls" this week because I was administering the MEAP - I missed him! He is a little sponge, just soaking everything up. His language usage is improving, too. (my thought, he's finally breaking out with all those multisyllabic words he knows and the 20 word sentences we hear him doing at home now he feels more comfortable)


Jodi said...

What an awesome kiddo!
I'm so glad to hear he is doing so well at school!
Jailyn learned the pledge of allegiance at karate. It's too cute to hear such little kids recite the pledge!
have a great day!
Jodi Sue :)

Beverly said...

very good Acer!! Glenys is over 3 ft tall and rougly 30something pounds. She prefers clothing not to touch her. She is long wasted thus the shirt being too small and the pants being long enough. Plus her belly button must not ever be covered by the waist band ever (her rule). So they may be roughly the same and I am sure he will out weigh her one day just because he is a boy I think she has him beat so far. She also has broad little shoulders which makes the seams on the shirts "too tight." And her waist is closer to the beginning of a 4t that is our biggest problem!

The Princess's Mommy said...

The whole pledge!! Wow ACER!! Way to go!! You are the man!