Monday, October 20, 2008

Is he growing up?

Yes, Acer seems to be growing up in new and unexpected ways.  We must be doing something right because he's growing in more than just height.
He has started to go and look for things on his own, even going from the top level to the bottom level of our tri-level to find a toy.  Before this, even if we told him where it was, he would ask for help with a plaintive "Mama find it?'
He has started doing the whole potty process by himself, instead of asking us to do the 'finishing' bits.  
He has left the toilet paper roll on the holder for about a week now.  Yes, I've actually been able to find it when I needed it instead of having to hunt for it or re-roll it first.
He actually asked for gloves this morning while waiting for the bus (who is this child?) and then asked to have them come off right away (oh yes, that's Acer not a changeling)

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Lois O'Brien said...

Hi, Heather!

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