Thursday, October 16, 2008

Color, Glorious Color!

We moved into this house in September, 2002, and the walls throughout the house have been a blah, paint it so it sells, tan.  Except for our bedroom, which is a particularly virulent shade of bright yellow, and I can't stand yellow walls.  So, because we are moving the computer room downstairs to the family room and having the whole house turned upside down, we decided to paint.  

I've been living with paint chips carefully stashed just for this day. The front room, halls and living room are going to be a mossy blue green or mossy greeny blue, depending whom you're asking.  I got the color out of a Georgia O'Keefe picture on the wall in the hall and I LOVE it. Despite people saying it was going to make the rooms feel smaller, it really doesn't - I am so Happy.

Acer's room is going into a vibrant blue with lime green accents  The blue is approximately the shade of the bright blue plastic of many children's toys.  He won't be able to see it, but I want other kids to walk into his room and say, 'Cool room!'

Calliandra's room is sort of a warm, light, kraft paper brown that coordinates with the bedding we have.  I also have a few tropical flowers to cut out and apply around that also echo the feeling of the bedding.  We'll be putting her into an Ikea loft bed because she'll need the floor space as hers is the smallest bedroom.  I also got a new light fixture for her room as I just don't think the ceiling fan is a great idea with a loft ;)

We'll just be freshening up the bathroom upstairs as I painted it last year, but we'll be adding a new exhaust fan light combo.  I'm excited by this as it should finally get some decent light into the shower.

So the house is all torn apart and I'm super happy, who cares about chaos when you can have Color!


Jodi said...

sounds wonderful! My husband says that we would have a much larger home if I would ever stop painting the walls! "we're loosing square footage!"
happy painting!
~ Jodi Sue :)

ang :o) said...

colored walls are a must in my house! it adds so much personality! phewy about making it look smaller! :) I loved reading all of Acer's school progress reports! So fun.

Teri said...

It may be chaos, but it sounds like well-organized chaos (yes Bill - pun intended).

Sounds lovely Heather!

Amy said...

Sounds like nesting to me! You must be getting ready to go to China!

Beverly said...

sounds great. I love to paint, not prep or cut in, but paint long therapeutic strokes!!