Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Various thoughts today.

Today, Acer got off the school bus for the second day in a row, without crying or fussing.  I think he's adjusting!

As he was finishing lunch, he kicked off his shoes and actually asked to be taken up for a nap.  Who is this child and what have they done with Acer?

Big time SCORES! today while out shopping with Vicki.
1) Door Mats at 75% off, I bought three for less than the price of one.
2) A cute as heck long sleeve T-Shirt for Acer with a fuzzy iron on of a dog that says rough & tough for under $3.00
3) Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Polar, Bear Polar Bear for $2.50 each (for 2 Christmas Backpacks we're filling)
4) red gift bags at 2/$1 - red is a great color for gift bags for China and the items we've already bought will fit just fine in them
5) plates and bowls for $1 each, nice color, don't look like they only cost $1 and we'll need these extras for the Canadian Thanksgiving Celebration I'll be cooking in a few weeks.  I've invited more people than we have plates and needed more.
6) and a lovely necklace that says 'The less you see with your eyes, the more you see with your heart' could that be more appropriate for a mom of two blind kids?

This week our Dossier should make it to China.  Prayers that it would travel smoothly through the different offices and move quickly off one desk and onto the other.  We need to bring Little Miss Home!


The Princess's Mommy said...

Praying for safe dossier travels! Love the necklace and way to go on all the bargains!! Glad Acer is doing well at school! Now how 'bout some more pics!!

Love you,

Manette said...

WOW!!! That necklace is perfect and wonderfully inspirational to anyone, never-the-less for a mom with blind children... Fabulous.

Hope Acer gets a bit of rest. He must be a tired little boy if he's asking for a nap.

We'll be keeping you in our thoughts and prayers, especially while your dossier is in transit.


Jodi said...

I really need to go shopping with you! I love bargain shopping!
I love the necklace!!! Just perfect!!!

Praying your dossier to China!

Love ya!
Jodi Sue :)

joey said...

My heart is beside you reading your heartfelt posts, Heather. Your days are full for sure yet your heart swells. Hugs ...

Beverly said...

Poor Acer, school is wearing him out!!