Saturday, October 04, 2008

More than a week of catch up, and a busy time it was.

These past two weeks have been busy ones.  Two saturdays ago, I helped with a party for my lifelong best friend Vicki, a great spa day held at her sister Lori's house.
Then we had the news that Alex would be able to come visit the next weekend, and Brandon was able to come too.
 Friday, Mum, Acer and I headed out to pick up Brandon.  It was Spirit Week at his high school and so we were greeted by Bright blue and Yellow hair, face paint, and a temp tatoo.  It sure made him look ... spirited I guess.  But he had fun and kept the face paint on all day.  He was excited because his class had won the Spirit week contest and told us all about it and his school happenings this year.
The four of us headed off to go get Alex.  We arrived a little early and went to the store next door to buy some snacks & stuff for the trip back.  Good thing we did, We got stuck in a huge traffic jam and it took us 1 1/2 hours to go 20 miles.  Because we were so late, we just had time to run through Ikea and we only got hot dogs to eat instead of the dinner we'd planned. :(
Saturday was busy, we had band practice and Alex and Brandon watched Acer.  We had to take my brother James to the hospital for some tests for his migraines (they found nothing bad PTL) and then Alex and Brandon went off to return bottles for money.  We stockpile our bottles for them to return and they had a huge load this time.
They came back and as soon as Bill was ready we shot out the door to Vicki's wedding.  We had a good time, sat with a good group of people and enjoyed watching Vicki say her vows (and Jeff too of course).
Sunday we had to get up early for Band practice before church and then had a REALLY long day at church.  Bill joined the church, and it was the 50th anniversary celebration with a luncheon afterwards and a bagpiper and Highland dancing.  We also heard presentations about the beginning of the church and its history.
It was well after one before we could leave and then Alex and I shout off to go get her ears pierced, her second set.  As I have nine sets, I decided that this was my area, and I would pay for it as long as she had her grandparents permission.  She chose pink crystal studs and managed to go through the process just fine.  We had almost no time to shop though, and that was on our list of things to do, we were on a pretty tight schedule of when we had to be where unfortunately.
We dropped Brandon off and then drove Alex to meet her grandpa.
Now the house feels empty again.
Maybe these feelings of full house, empty house are parts of what leads me to adopt? hmmm, maybe it just feels right to have the full house and.... Well I'll have to think about it more, but I do know that it is nice to have them and I'm sorry to see them leave.

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